A deep bow and thank you for being curious and landing here! This site was designed with you in mind, to facilitate you knowing where and what I might be teaching, in case you want to join in the fun!

My intention is to foster a sense of unity through yoga by sharing my twist on this universal body language with curious yoga adventurers everywhere. I believe we expand and evolve by exposure to new places, people, rituals and environments and so I intend wherever I go, to simultaneously offer and create the opportunity for us each to broaden our view of this rich experience that is living.

My practice, my teachers, and my students have inspired me towards this jumping off point and it is with great gratitude, deep humility and unbounded passion that I offer all I have learned to all who are interested and curious.

You can also connect with me via email (see below) and social media to stay up on the always fluctuating sources of inspiration!

Yours On The Loose, G

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